FUNCTION:To carry one 40’ loaded container of 67.500 lbs.
OVERALL LENGTH40’ 6” / 12.34 mts.
OVERALL WIDTH96” / 2.44 mts.
KINGPIN LOCATION30 ½” / 0.78 mts.
KINGPIN HEIGHT48” / 1.22 mts.
REAR HEIGHT48” / 1.22 mts.
AXLE SPACE49 + 49” or 1.30 + 1.30 mts.
TARE WEIGHT6.800 lbs. +/- 3%
STEEL / FASTENERSHigh strength GR50 steel / Grade 5.
PAINT70% Zinc Rich primer and an urethane topcoat.
COLORCustomer’s requirement.
MAIN BEAM12” deep x 4” wide fabricated I-beam and ¼ web.
GOOSENECK5” deep I-beam,fabricated with ½ x 4” flanges and 1/4” web.
CROSS MEMBERSFabricated channel type 3/16x3x8”
FRONT BOLSTER6x6x1/4” type tube and 5/16” in extremes.
REAR BOLSTERBox type with 5/16 x 8” top plate and 7x7x¼” thick “U” type bottom channel
 UPPER COUPLER ASSEMBLY Pick up plate of 5/16” thick with 2” drain holes, extended 43” and reinforces ½”
KINGPIN2” following the AAR Certificate.
ICC BUMPERPlate 6×1/2” and square tube step bumper 4x4x3/16”
TWIST LOCKS AND SLIDE PINSMeets ISO standards and requirements.
LANDING GEARTwo speed, 56.000 lbs. capacity with heavy duty 10×10” sand shoes and mounted at main beams with box and skirt extended.
SUSPENSIONHeavy duty mechanical suspension for three axles with 11 leaf springs of 3 ½” wide and one hole equalizers (Ampro or Hutchens) with 3” wide springs.
AXLESTwo axles 5” type pro-par,13 tons. capacity with cone and bearing HM518445 track of 71.5”
WHEELS AND DRUMSDrum of 16 ½ x7” and 6-spoke wheels of 20”; standard brake lining.
RIMS/WHEEL12 units Steel 20×7.5” open center.
TIRES12 units 11.00×20 type tube.
AIR & BRAKE SYSTEMDual air brake system, 30/30 type brake chambers.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM12 volt, 7-way split pin receptacle plug and modular wiring harness.
MARKINGSCharacteristics’ plate and customer’s logos.
MUD FLAPSWhite plastics with fasteners at rear bolster.